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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Minecraft Challenge Review

We did the Minecraft Challenge in Term 3 and it was teaching us about renewable resources. Our challenge was to build a sustainable city on creative mode with lots of stuff that we would find in a sustainable city e.g. Solar Power Stations, Power Stations, Water Wheel & more. Some of our city looked like a normal city and others looked like they had been taken to the next generation. We had worked with Finn and Deklan and obviously us 2. When it all started everyone was building the basic buildings, houses, hotels, parks and other things. On the second day everyone got serious, building Power farms, Water wheels, Food Farms, Animal Farms, Mines etc.

Here is a link to our sustainable city on YouTube:
Here is the link if you are reading this on a piece of paper:

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Night- A Poem by Matthew, Joe and Praful


The breeze of the night, cold as ice,
The moonlight shines upon us,
The breeze feels like a feather falling, slowly.

The darkness in the shadows creeps upon us,
It feels like the shadows are chasing us left, right and centre,
The dark red eyes of the midnight wolves stare at us.

The sun slowly peaks over the horizon,
Plants bloom with life,
We welcome the warmth with joy and happiness.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Kiwi Kids News- By Matthew

Tuesday 27th October 2015

World’s Longest Baguette

The World Record  for the longest Baguette has been set in Milan, Italy with a 122 metre baguette. This is at least the 4th world record set at the Expo this year, including a pizza that is 1.5954km long! The Expo runs for 6 months and is due to end on October 31st. The bakers fed the bread through a portable oven. It took an hour to bake 20 metres of the bread and the bakers  were forced outside to hold the dough straight and avoid breakage as each section was baked.

Tuesday 27th October 2015

Huge earthquake hits Afghanistan

A huge earthquake struck Afghanistan on Monday and shakes could be felt in northern India and Pakistan. The quake was centred in the middle of the mountainous Hindu Kush region about 250 kilometres north of Kabul.So far the death toll has been severe. In Pakistan, 167 deaths have been reported, most in northern and northwestern regions bordering Afghanistan. At least 52 people were killed in Afghanistan.

Tuesday 27th October 2015

2015 EMAs

The MTV European Music Awards took place in Milan, Italy on October 25th. Hosted by stars Ed Sheeran and Ruby Rose, the awards celebrated the success of many celebrities.
Check the results below and see if your favourite songs/artists are featured!Best Male Artist Award, Best Look Award & Best World Wide Act: North America Award– Justin Bieber
Best Female Artist Award  – Rihanna
Best Song Award – “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift featuring Kendrick Lamar
Best Video Award – “Downtown” by Ryan Lewis, Macklemore and Eric Nally
Best Hip Hop Music Award – Nicki Minaj
Best Collaboration Award – Justin Bieber, Skrillex and Diplo
Best Pop Music Award – One Direction
Best Rock Music Award – Coldplay
Best Electronic Music Award – DJ Martin Garrix
Best Alternative Music Award – Lana Del Rey
Best New Act Award & Best Push Act Award – Shawn Mendes
Best Live Act Award & Best World Stage Award – Ed Sheeran

Thursday 29th October 2015

Miracle Baby Born Without Brain

Two year old Aaron Murray has become nothing short of a miracle after he was born without a brain. When Aaron was born his mother was not expecting the news she got. When he was born doctors told the mother that Aaron was born with only the smallest part of the brain. Unlike other organs in the human body, There was nothing that could replace the missing brain. Despite only expecting for him to live a few minutes, It is proved he is a fighter as he is still alive at the age of 2 and spoke his first word “Mummy” at 2!!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

WhiteBaiters Not Convinced By Tsunami Warnings

WhiteBaiters Not Convinced By Tsunami Warnings.

While there is still tsunami warnings in parts of New Zealand, Some whitebaiters are not convinced and still going to the rivers to collect whitebait.

The 8.3 quake in chile created  water surges of up to half a meter at the Chatham Islands. With other areas such as the east coast with surges of 30cm.

Several whitebaiter’s exclaimed how they were not convinced they were putting themselves at risk by heading out onto the river this morning. Whitebaiter Dawn Sullivan said she was not worried and if she thought there was going to be a big wave she would just hold onto the rocks and get her waders off.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

My Dream Home

In maths me and shaan had to make a dream home using an app called Sweet Home 3D.
We had to present it on our blog and we had to work out the square meters of all the rooms.
here are some screen shots for my dream home.

They are all with the roof off.
By Matthew

Monday, August 31, 2015

Couple Find Safe Under floor!!!

Couple Find Safe Under floor!!!

A couple in Arizona, USA, were renovating their kitchen when they were surprised that after they found a safe under the island bench The safe contained: 50,000USD in cash, a bottle of bourbon,a bingo card with 3 numbers circled and a book called  A Guide for the Perplexed by E.F. Schumacher..The husband and wife found a safe code in the back of a medicine cabinet when they moved into the house two years earlier but never found the safe until they tore up the kitchen island. Thankfully they kept the code just in case. The couple believe that in the book 4 pages are marked out leading to another safe. They also believe that the numbers circled on the bingo card is a passcode for the second safe, if they ever find it!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

The story of James By Matthew

The story of James
by Matthew

It was dawn on Meow Island and the other people were just waking up when I was on my early morning walk.  The silky, white waves rolled onto the sand.  As I was walking on the soft sand a wave rolled over my feet. “Ahhhhh” i said, the and back the weather  was so warm and refreshing. Well it was getting close to 7:45 so I better start the walking back home. Sorry to interrupt the story reader, but you are about to meet the main character: James. When i got home James was up watching his favourite show called AFV,(Americas Funniest Home Videos). Sorry but i forgot to tell you, we live in Meow Island, America. Meow island is an island off the cost of Canabonika, America. Well Back to the story, James was upstairs watching AFV in the TV room. After watching a few AFV videos it was nearly school time. james was 11 and had only 5 weeks of school left.
Schofield Local Primary School

Yes that is the name of the school that james drives past every day. James sighed every time he saw that sign. he Moaned”I cant wait for this day it school :(“. At school James had heaps of friends, lots of his friends were in his class.
"Good morning James" the teacher called at roll call. "Morning Mrs. Bristle" James replied. Right, First we have Maths, James muttered under his breath " I Hate Maths " Right, First question is :  7475+ 4573=___. James was shocked when he heard that question. He had been learning much harder questions than that. So he instantly knew that the question and answer was 7475+4573=12,048. Then James put his hand up,Yes James, the teacher called. The answer for the question is 12,048.
Mrs. Bristle replied " Yes that is correct. Hours passed until lunch time. The queue for the lunch line was so long, James
has to wait for around 20 minutes for lunch but finally he was at the front of the queue. He chose a little lump of steak....a carrot.....a small glass of milk and a little chocolate brownie.  Well.....after an hour lunch was over and it was time to head back to class. Next he had art,  in art he had to paint a bird. Before he was allowed to paint, he had to draw the outline in pencil so he knew exactly where to paint.`
James was doing so much work and having so much fun and before he knew it the noise he loved rang. “RRRIIINNNG”. Their was the bell. His mum was waiting outside his class for him. When James came out his mum said, “I have something special for you at home”. James was more curious than ever. Since he lived a long way away his mum drove to school. When he arrived at his mum’s BMW M3, they got into their car they drove off, when they arrived at his house his mum opened the door, his dad still wasn't home from work. Now James and his Mum had to go grocery shopping. James loved pushing the trolley around the shop, he always pretended that it was a racing car and he would speed around corners. When they entered the shop he grabbed a trolley and raced o .off to catch up to his mum who was already half way down the first Isle. When I caught up with his mum his mum had a truck load of stuff to put in the trolley. When they turned the next corner, James sped around the corner but unfortunately there was another trolley in the way. James sped around the corner and when he saw the trolley, he slammed down his feet trying to put the trolley to a halt. He was still traveling at speeds only 2 metres away, fortunately, he stopped in time, just poking the trolley in front. After hours of shopping it was finally time to pay for the items. James knew that the bill would be high because it was his monthly shop.  After 10m of scanning all the food had finally scanned and the total bill was 478.89. Once they got home it was already 4:58pm, and his dad was home, he knew his  dad was home because his Land Rover Defender was in the driveway. When he got inside, he went straight outside to see his sheep. James lives in the country so he has lots of land and he bought some sheep to fill up the paddock behind his house. When he got to the paddock he grabbed the box of food and spread it evenly into ice-cream containers and gave 1 to each sheep. Then, later this evening his dad had to shear the sheep and sell the fur, on average his dad earnt $4502 from all the fur. Of course the fur had to be washed, cleaned and dried before it was sold. Then he had dinner, he showered and went to bed. When he woke up there was a present at the end of his bed. He had completely forgotten that his birthday was today,(8th of July). His mum and dad were standing next to him in their night gowns, they said "Happy Birthday!!!" When he got up. He untapped his present that was by his bed, when the rapping was half off, he could see that there was something from APPLE.  When he had finally finished unwrapping it he could see a IPAD MINI 3 and underneath it was a GOPRO and $50. "THANKS MUM AND DAD!!!" James said after he unwrapped it. James Mum said " you will need the gopro for where we are going today...... James was really curious, he couldn't stop wondering where he was going today. At the breakfast bar James asked his mum where he was going, James' mum said that they were going to a marine reserve, james got so excited that he nearly fell off the stall. After he had breakfast he got changed and got ready for the long drive. He packed his new iPad and packed his GOPRO.
After hours of driving they finally saw the marine reserve sign.
Meow Island Local Marine Reserve
Once they had parked and u packed the car they walked down to the beach, once they got to the beach James got his GOPRO out and put it in his waterproof case. He got the stand and attached it to the GOPRO. Then he got his flippers on and waddled into the water. Once he was about 1metre deep he dove straight in with his GOPRO recording. The minute he dove into the ocean he saw a whole coral forest, lots of fish were swimming in and out of the coral, then, James saw a fish that he had never seen, well, it wasn't really a fish, it was a StingRay. The stingray was gliding over the water so gracefully, until it saw james, When it saw james it dove straight to the bottom of the ocean and buried under the sand. James continued to swim, as he was swimming he saw tortoises, more sting rays, goat fish and snapper. Once he was about 25 metres out he saw a family of snapper swimming out to the deep, there was 2 1.5metre long fish, 1 75cm long fish and 4 10cm long fish in the family. James was recording those fish for ages until they swam out-of-view.
After recording lots more sea creatures, james got tired and hopped out and dried off, they had lunch on the beach and then the got ready to go back home. After 1 hour of driving, they were finally home. Once they had unpacked  the car they set up james' iPad. Once the ipad was set up james downloaded apps and games to play on. The first game james downloaded was Minecraft. After downloading
lots more games he asked his mum if he could start a youtube channel and make videos. His mum said yes. First he created a channel called JamesGaming,  and then they went shopping for a laptop, a camera, a microphone and they downloaded a pc recording software. In total they spent 2,600. once everything was set up he started to record some videos. The first video he recorded was a video on club penguin. Once he had rendered and uploaded the video,
he watched it back to see how well he recorded. "Not too bad for a first video" he said. Overnight he got 6 views and a few comments. 1 of the comments said how good it was and he should keep recording videos. Then he decided to start recording a minecraft series, He called his world "James Adventure" once he had uploaded it he got  50 views overnight and 10 subscribers. He was so excited when he found out he has gained some subscribers. Then a letter came to James, it was from warehouse stationery saying they would like to put an ad onto his channel. He was Jumping Crazily and his parents were trying to calm him down. On the letter it said he would get paid $100 per minute on the ad. After he accepted it the ad was on all 5 of his videos and the ad was 2mins 30 seconds which he earned $250 per the time the ad got viewed. he started to record more videos to put up on his channel, he continued with his mineCraft series and it got hundreds of views and by the end of the year, he had a fully legit massive world, over 1000 subscribers and 15000 views. Then his friend, Nate , came over to visit. Tomorrow was a school day so Nate had to go home early. James had dinner and got ready for bed. When he woke up in the morning he was ready for school.  When he got to school his friend was just walking to the gate so he ran and caught up with him and he said hi. his friend replied and straight after said "Who's the new kid" James didn't know what he was talking about so he ran up to the new kid and started talking to him. He was really nice at first, but then he started calling James names. James turned around and walked to his friend.

He whispers to Nate "Turns out he is not nice."

End Of Part 1